Competency Enhancement

It is a well accepted fact that in order for a company to meet its business goals and objectives, it is extremely important for the employees and their performance to be well aligned to the same goals. Thus, though recruiting the right employee may appear to be a challenge, it may probably be more important to train the recruited employees to achieve the goals of the company. SarvHR provides various modes and means to develop the special skills and services that the employees require to increase their productivity and to align them better to the business goals and objectives of the client.

HR Staffing

SarvHR’s Competency Enhancement solutions encompass customized learning and development solutions through various innovative and unique training modules. Such solutions include planning, development and implementation of training calendars and programs, followed by an assessment of the effectiveness of the programs undertaken.

The following points primarily form the focus of SarvHR’s Competency Enhancement solutions:

  • Development of Skill Directory – SarvHR helps the company to develop a comprehensive skill directory which consists of all the varied skills necessary for the company employees in order to achieve the business goals. This directory is used as a measure to gauge the current skill levels of the company employees.
  • Identification of training needs – The Consultants identify various gaps in the skill and knowledge base of the employees at various levels, thereby, their training needs, and work upon the factors which may help in training the employees to bridge these unintentional gaps.
  • Developing and Designing Learning & Development Programs – SarvHR provides customized Learning & Development (L&D) programs for its clients. These modules aim at providing the best-in-class learning programs to the company employees with skills that are essential for the trade, so that they are enabled to perform to their best in every aspect.

Through the Competency Enhancement solutions, SarvHR, with its considerable knowledge base, helps to incorporate the company business strategies and values in the employees and thereby, provides the client with a valuable human capital. The employees trained by SarvHR will enable the client organization to improve its performance in line with the current technology and market trends, thereby, impacting the business profits and in turn, the company’s overall market ranking.

Our Clients

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