HR Advisory

SarvHR offers unique solutions towards building the capabilities of the core HR department of a company. These solutions enrich the organizations with a continuous support system focused at mentoring and providing guidance to all the stake holders in the present fast changing environment. HR Advisory solutions also provide valuable advice on various aspects of Human Resources, which in turn, aid to define a prospective pathway for the client organizations.

HR Advisory
The primary goals of HR Advisory solutions are:

  • To provide strategies that could help the company incorporate in its employees leadership and research qualities
  • To elevate levels of performance of employees through in-house learning & development activities
  • To build capability development programs to provide proper alignment with company goals
  • To help company arrange employee meetings, feedback, grievance redress, productivity management, union matters, salary benchmarking and payrolls
  • To provide the right practices and advices to help the company attract the right quality candidates fitting the needs of the company and the job position
  • To guide the company through various employment laws and compliances to ensure that the company stays within the regulations and rules
HR advisory solutions include advice on:

HR processes

»  Operational issues
»  Organization policies
»  Strategic inputs on recruitment process
»  Performance management system (PMS) etc.

HR Advisory Solutions are typically time bound models. SarvHR offers the services of HR specialists (with more than 10 years of working knowledge) for about 15-30 hours a month.

Our Clients

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