IT & ITES Industry

IT & ITES Industry

The Indian IT/ITES industry is currently witnessing a growth rate of about 12-14% and earned revenue of over USD 100 bn in 2013. NASSOM envisages that the industry would reach a revenue target of USD 225 bn by 2020, indicating a 13% YoY growth rate. As per NASSCOM assessments, the industry provided direct employment to about 2.2 million people in 2008, which may well grow to a figure of about 10.7 million direct jobs by 2022.

IT companies primarily employ skilled personnel having significantly diverse knowledge base, employed at various grades and levels and at largely varying remuneration scales. The organizations also have multiple interlinked departments with shared activities and responsibilities. In addition, IT companies also have very frequent recruitment needs. Under such circumstances in a rapidly changing business landscape, the planning and formulation of business processes to suit such diversity, and at the same time, ensuring optimum performance, may prove to be quite a challenge.

SarvHR addresses various such challenges through smart and innovative solutions brought about by industry knowledge, creative thinking and structured analysis. Experts at SarvHR understand how multiple factors impact the complex network of systems in the organization, and hence, develop strategies which can cater to the specific needs, enabling it to achieve performance enhancement, and meet the business goals.

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