Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry forms one of the primary foci of the Indian economy, contributing up to about 16% to the GDP. The Indian manufacturing industry is largely manpower dependent, as compared to the more technology intensive scenario of the industry, in several countries worldwide. Future estimations as published by IBEF indicate that the industry may create up to 90 million domestic jobs by 2025. Workforce management in the organizations encompasses diverse aspects – from contractual to payroll employees, daily wage earners to the top management, from union associations of employees to senior employee relations, etc.

In order for all such categories to be functioning in a planned and coordinated manner, the adept and successful management of human resources is of utmost importance. The Planning Commission has identified human resources development and management as a key cross-sectoral theme in the manufacturing sector plan in the 12th Five Year Plan. It also places a focus on the fact that human resources management may have a lasting impact not only on widespread issues such as workforce management, employee and union relationships, skill development, etc. but also on the long term sustainable growth of various manufacturing enterprises.

Extensive understanding and expertise on technical aspects, working knowledge of the local markets, detailed information of the client’s needs as well as the specifics of the organization’s work culture, strengths and inadequacies constitute the firm foundations of SarvHR’s work methodology. Through innovative and practical solutions, SarvHR Consultants ensure that every project meets and exceeds the expectations of the specific organization concerned. Business solutions, as offered by SarvHR to the manufacturing industry segment, have enabled several client organizations to enhance their performance manifold and to meet their business aims and objectives.

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