Pharma & Bio-Sciences Industry

Pharma & Bio Science Industry

India is on a threshold of becoming a major player in the global pharmaceutical and bio-sciences industry. Pharma industry in India is expected to attain a market size of USD 45 billion by 2020 (from USD 12.6 billion in 2009) and may become the sixth largest in the world. Indian Biotechnology industry forms about 2% of share of the global biotech industry. The pharma and the life-sciences sector consist of companies which range from small scale organizations to MNCs. The employee base generally consists of highly educated and skilled people – a very specific resource pool. There are generally several interlinked departments with varying degrees of hierarchy as well. Health, safety and environment related compliances again form a very important part of human resources management of such organizations.

SarvHR Consultants, enabled by longstanding experience in the life-sciences sector, have a clear perspective on the specific needs and challenges of the industry. This allows them to come up with unique, innovative and quality solutions for their clientele. This, in turn, facilitates the structuring of organized HR systems for the client companies. SarvHR, with a dedicated team, has successfully delivered business solutions to some of the renowned companies in city’s pharma and life-sciences sector.

Our Clients

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