Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Industry

Real estate in India is one of the fastest moving and globally recognized sectors. The total realty market in the country is expected to touch USD 180 billion by 2020. As per industry reports, the sector employed about 33 million people in 2008-09, second only to the agricultural sector. However, the industry is highly fragmented, with smaller players forming a large majority of the company base.

The industry primarily engages employees of extremely varied skill and knowledge base. As per NSDC reports, about 83% of employees in the sector are unskilled, mostly consist of daily wage earners. Even the skilled workforce consists of diverse levels with respect to designations and remuneration. Majority of the companies, as they belong in the SME sector, do not have established business processes in place. Planning for safety, health and environment related compliances also form a critical part of the organizations.

SarvHR’s extensive knowledge and understanding of client processes and operations, local and regional regulatory settings and standards, and changing market trends sets it apart as a single source for clients’ HR needs. SarvHR Consultants have successfully delivered highly customized business solutions to numerous clients in the specific industry.

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