Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Indian market is the fifth largest retail destination globally. Traditionally, the Indian retail market has had a primary focus on the unorganized retailing format. However, the last decade has witnessed a significant shift towards the organized sector. As per studies by IBEF, organized retail segment is expected to grow to 10% of the total industry by 2016-17 from the current 7% market share (2011-12) (growth rate – 24% CAGR).

This shift towards organized retail clearly puts forth the need for structured HR services in the companies and organizations. SarvHR Consultants have been closely associated with various retail organizations for more than a decade, and thereby, have a clear understanding of how the industry works. They have a lucid perspective of the specific needs of such organizations and hence, offer solutions that are custom-made for the retail industry. SarvHR believes that specific successful HR interventions help a long way in not only enhancing the performance of the employees, but also, can increase the satisfaction levels of the customers, and thereby, have a direct impact on the company’s success.

SarvHR’s longstanding industry experience allows for provision of company specific services and has aided several retail organizations to achieve their short and long term goals.

Our Clients

  • Accurate Flow Meters

  • Basai Steel

  • Celestile

  • Centro

  • Furniture World

  • Gowra Petrochem

  • Holiday Bazar

  • Jahanpanah

  • Matrix Pharma

  • Mebaz

  • Nerellas

  • NorthStar Homes

  • Savera

  • Yeluri

  • Kored

  • Zaggle

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